21 June 2024



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Help by Answering People’s Questions

You can help this community by answering people’s questions, many people need help every day, they are often new people, and often don’t know how to use the file before starting the game. Or simply they don’t know how to use this site. When you help a lot of people, this community often calls you “Helper”, we also put you on the list of trusted

Help With Crack Some Games

You can crack some games (We usually have some games that can’t crack here) and send us, of course, if you have the skill.

Help With Donation

Would you like to donate? Since this site is free, and will always be so. So we will not use your money, as mentioned above, you can buy the game and give it to us, we will share it with this community. To be honest, we always need funds to maintain the servers as well as buy new games every week, we are sponsored by major ad networks, they help us a lot with server optimization, traffic management, server maintenance, etc.

Without them, we would not have been a community like now, so you could help us by turning off the ad blocker, watch the ads if possible,… I know there will be a lot of annoying ads, but you can turn it off in just 1-2 seconds, I think it’s not too much, thank you for this.

Free Virus / Malware In IGG Games 88

If you think you may be experiencing viruses while surfing the web or watching ads, I’m sure it can not happen, you can look at F.A.Q, at the “Does this site have a virus?”. You can recommend this site to your friends, your family, or any other ideas you may think of.

We support you, you support us, remember that:

To contact IGG Games 88, please choose from the option below:

General Support

For general assistance, account issues, password issues please contact our support team at [email protected]

Sponsorship Enquiries

For any sponsorship related enquires, reach out to [email protected]

Take a look at the sponsorship prospectus for options to get involved

Code of Conduct Violation Reporting

If you have witnessed a violation of our inclusiveness policy, our code of conduct, or our content policy, you can report it in a number of ways:

  • Speaking to an on-site organizer or volunteer
  • Filling in this online form (a fast way to reach us by email). Can be done anonymously 
  • Emailing the Executive Committee